A Says Hello EP Alton Miller w/ Chaos in the CBD remix
  • Release Date 14 Dec 2018
  • Catalogue RS028
Alton Miller - A Says Hello ( Original )
Alton Miller - Cool but So... ( Original )
Alton Miller - Cool but So... ( Chaos in the CBD Remix )
Alton Miller - Below the Underdog ( Original )
  • Mihai Popoviciu CYCLIC
    cool but so...
  • paul cottam K7 Records; Wolf Music; Aus Music
    Really really like Below The Underdog, lovely vibe
  • Marco Carola minus
    downloading for marco carola, thanks
  • Jorge Savoretti Savor Music
    lovely soulful trax!
  • Chris Luzz Little Giant / Stranjjur
    all 3 originals are superb! and a lovely remix by chaos in the cbd who can do no wrong atm. top notch release all around!
  • kristian
    nice EP!!! support
  • noah pred thoughtless
    Quality vibes, thanks.
  • ana xander
    dope tracks, esp 1, 2, 4... remix is nice too
  • misc
    Fantastic release by a true legend! Will support in gigs & radio.
  • Colin Dale
    Really classy sound which stands head & shoulders above a lot of the blandness out there. Ace EP.
  • davemartin44
    Solid stuff as ever - thanks

  • Nuno dos Santos
    Love this release !!!
  • Miguel Sá Tra$h Converters
    Great release, TNX!
  • Andrew
    Get IT Alton! Solid work homie!

  • Varoslav
    great music here .deep vibes.thx!
  • pablo bolivar
    Deep and elegant, I love it!
  • Rui Vargas Lux Fragil
    classy deep vibes. playing it for sure.
  • nickvaron
    Below the underdog for me
  • brandolupi
    Deep and warm!
    Thank you.
  • maayan nidam Perlon
  • Patrick Schmutz
    great ep!
  • Viktor
    B side is great, thanks
  • Reggie Dokes
    Great EP by my brother Alton Miller.
  • floppyfunk
    quality music thanks!
  • hectorpizarro
  • charles webster miso/kristiana etc..
    sounds v cool ...thnx..!
  • Håkan Dahlby
    Love the Chaos Rmx!
    Thanks "Sharpshooter"
  • Terry Lee Brown Jr
    top producer and ep doesn't disappoint, , radio and club plays coming.. a says hello is pick for me.. sooo good.
  • promos
    The originalq are really and the remix is lovely
  • arnaudletexier
    Below The Underdog nice groove as usual from Alton Miller. Thx
  • Hector Romero
    Some nice deep grooves on this EP. On first listen I'm feeling Below The Underdog best.
  • Ame
  • Alex
    wicked stuff, will be playing,,, esp love Cool But So and the remix. big ups
  • makossa
    nice deep vibes
  • Yotam
    such an amazing generation meeting here
    guys i salute you for the 3rd time this year, what a year for the catalouge - geeze!

    love from tel-aviv
  • info
    Great EP!
  • davecongreve
    lovely soulful ep, Below the Underdog & the CBD remix are my faves here, will be playing. Thanks.
  • show
    great release .. will play!
  • djstick007
    Many thanks below the underdog for me but all round nice work !!
  • Hans Thalau
    cool but so (original) ... is a beauty. Strong release from Alton. Love the package. thank you...
  • promos
    coool ep. thanx
  • johnbeach
    beautiful rolling grooves love them x
  • David Scuba Superfreq
    nice EP here
  • OpenLab Radio
    quality release
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