The Lands Beyond Part. 2 Amir Alexander
  • Release Date 16 Oct 2017
  • Catalogue RS026
A1 - Amir alexander - How You Make Me Feel ( original )
A2 - amir alexander - Walk The Talk ( original )
B1 - amir alexander - Telepathy ( original )
B2 - amir alexander - Bunker Buster ( original )
  • Luciano Cadenza
    very very cool
    thank you
  • Laurent Garnier
    Very cool tracks -- will pay
  • Marco Carola minus
    downloading for marco carola, thanks
  • Danny Tenaglia TWISTED
  • Nima Gorji Welt Recordings / NG Trax
    Thanks for the goodness, will download and try.
    but wav pleeeeeeeeease :)
  • Nima Gorji Welt Recordings / NG Trax
    Downloading for Ilario Alicante, thanks for the music!
  • Jorge Savoretti Savor Music
    into telepathy here! nice hypno track
  • ekkohaus
    Nice ep, thanks
  • Death On The Balcony Suol, Dikso, Exploited
    Loving this EP!
  • Marko Nastic Memoria / Sleep is Commercial
    Downloaded for Marko Nastic.
    Thanks for the music!
  • Release Sustain Recordings Release Sustain Recordings
    Amir for President! 4 gems here...
    You make me feel good!
  • Release Sustain Recordings Release Sustain Recordings
  • Release Sustain Recordings Release Sustain Recordings
  • Release Sustain Recordings Release Sustain Recordings
  • gabbi
    top !!
  • gzalokar
    Nice music.
  • harryruffner
    a solid EP
  • thilo
    thanks for the music!
  • Molly
    It's always quality music from Amir Alexander !! thanks
  • orlando Voorn
    Been bumping How you make me feel for a while..REAL proper stuff i love it will check the others as well
  • Colin Dale
    Amir you've got skills! Cool E.P with all killer - no filler tracks.
  • SanFerIpu pillan music
    Donwload, thnaks.
    B1..- Its a bomb!!
  • Ame
  • Lorenzo al Dino Royal Plastic Music Group / Lust & Leben Magazin / Tiburon Beach Club, Formentera / Jockey Club Ibiza //
  • andrade 20:20 Vision, Dessous
    Telepathy is epic !
  • Rui Vargas Lux Fragil
    great stuff from amir. telepathy is my favourite.
  • mainmainmusic
    Great work :) Thank you!
  • djstick007
    Really nice EP many thanks !!
  • DJ Ron
    Cool set of tracks
  • djkennybrian Pacha - Time Has Changed, Lapsus Music
    very nice work, thanks!!!
  • Jorge Caiado Balance / Carpet & Snares Records / Groovement
    thanks for sending, amir strikes as usual! "telepathy" is my favorite here, will play for sure.
  • JASON GLANVILLE Multivitamins
    Brilliant EP N wicked addition to the catalogue R/S !

    Thanks for the play copy.

    Jason Glanville
  • Mirko Etichetta Nera
    nice tracks. thank you for the music
  • dial
    Love it!!
  • Chloé Lumière Noire
    Bunker buster is nice
  • charles webster miso/kristiana etc..
    BB is the one here 4 me...thnx
  • rob pil
    thanks for share, nice music! B side for me :)
  • David Scuba Superfreq
    Telepathy for me
  • violet
    really vibey release, i love all tracks! thank you
  • meatme
    Walk the talk 4 me...all others good too! Great release!
  • Frank Haag VBX
    Cool pack, thanks!
  • Sandra Mosh Swedish national radio / MOSH Musik
    Super nice tracks, will play :)
  • Patrick Schmutz
    great ep!
  • douglas fugazi
    Wow Guys!!! Sounds really super good this release. Thanks a lot!!
  • Ron Deacon RDF MUSIC
    A2 the best dope shit! thx
  • nickvaron
  • Patlac
    HOW YOU MAKE ME FEEL! great tracks! thanks!
  • noah pred thoughtless
    Solid package, digging these - thanks!
  • Jun Akimoto
  • Håkan Dahlby
    Twisted tracks! B1 rocks...
    Thank you!
  • lupen
    really cool release, full support on charts and sets, thanks
  • Argenis brito
    thnx for the music great job!!!
  • d.ghenacia
    downloaded for Dan Ghenacia
  • Eric D. Clark
    Yep this works for me!
    merci folks... stay tnedyu will hear A1 in the sets for sure!
  • varoslav RUE DE PLAISANCE
    Nice ep here ! good vibes ! thx
  • Da Funk Acryl Music
    telepathy here for me. nice!
  • Argenis brito
    thnx for the music
  • brandolupi
    Nice ep. Thank you!
  • Andrew
    I like the ''psychedelic'' aspect of Walk The Talk :), thank you !
  • Sean
    Nice EP!
  • michel de hey EC records / HEY! records / Circle records / Noir records
    cool stuff, thanks ©  Cookies Policy

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